Corporate planning

Should the worst happen to a key director or employee, there can be far-reaching or even disastrous consequences. It’s natural that your main concern will be for them, but at the same time you can’t afford to ignore the effect this could have on your business.

When something beyond your control happens in your business, negative impacts can include:

  • Loss of profits
  • Recall of loans
  • Reduced capacity and productivity
  • Loss of key clients/contacts
  • Reduced practical know-how.

Wise planning and insurance are the best ways to mitigate for these kinds of events.

Having the right insurances in place and making sure they’re reviewed regularly and updated as your business evolves can be challenging. Most businesses find they need some degree of help to make sure everything is planned and organised correctly.

As part of our corporate service, we will undertake an in-depth review of your business. We will then work with you to put in place a tailored insurance programme to help protect your business from a wide range of risks.